Happening on the eve of January 23rd, 9 pm EST,

Hosted by the Underground Rogue's Society,


Taking place at the Peabody Tavern, just outside
Peabody Acres, for exact directions from the Peiraic Gate
you may either locate me in Athens and ask personally,
or you may ask via e-mail,

What is Campy Tavern tune night?

Campy Tavern Tune night is similar to the previous URS
hosted event, Comedy Night. Only difference this time
around is that it is about songs instead of jokes.
There will be two prizes given out at the end of the night,
plenty of drinks for all, and plenty of entertainment.

What exactly is a "Campy Tavern tune"?

As told to me, a Campy Tavern Tune is a catchy,
humorous, short song that makes light of life.
I suppose another way of putting it would be;
A song often heard in Taverns (obviously). I drinking
song perhaps? I'm sure most any song will be welcome.
But only the BEST of songs may win.

What's the deal on prizes?

Well, there will be two prizes given out;
One for best song sung by a male, and another
for best song sung by a female. If you neither of those
you are uneligible for a prize, I'm sorry. At this time,
I am not revealing what the prizes are, you'll just have
to wait and see what they are.

Is there a cover price or requirement to get in?

at the moment, I believe there is not charge to enter or
attend, but don't take my word for it. Only requirement I
am sure of is you must promise to have fun and sing your
hearts out! If you fail to comply, I will throw you out. :)


Any questions and/or comments about this event?
Send them to!