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Very quickly... History page is complete, Links page is complete,
I've started adding Events to the event page...
And wonder of wonders! I've gotten new maps folks!
I'd like to thank Scheherazade for those maps, THANKS!
If you have any original work you'd like to submit, Please, Do so. :)

Welcome to the shadows, friends. Here you can find a collection
of information on traveling through Athens (Hercules and Xena: Alliance of
Heroes, A role-playing game) and the surrounding area. I, Sejast Breneva,
shall be your guide. I do not take full credit for the maps and guides,
most are from other sites I've been to, I just thought it would be easier
for us Athenians if they were in one, collective, source.

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Please e-mail any questions and/or suggestions

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