Underground Rogues Society - I am currently a member of the Society. If you are interested

in becoming a member, talk to one of the members listed at the site.

Shadows in the Catacombs - A great page created by Pae and Sabin, great for new rogues,

and even the not so new ones. Page is currently down for unknown reasons.

Scheherazade's Domain - very good page created by Scheherazade (obviously), good guides, item and

trainer lists, along with a load of other helpful items.

Hammurabi's Code - Good page, has some maps, and the such, very nicely designed.

Locksmith Jherle's Haven - Great page, With a slightly new design I've noticed.

The Pharos at Alexandria - A neato page, Lots of nice news items.

Glacier's Scrolls of Alchemy - Lots of Alchemy help here, Alchemists, walk this way!

Elysian Hall - Lots of weapon and armor help, along with the usual assortment

of goodies.

Athenian Council - A neat site, although I can't say anything for the files,Maybe it's

under construction, I know mine usually is.

Zed's Shed - Me very own sponser's web page, take a look folks, it's full of roguely goodness.


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